Registered Vet Technician

Megan Registered Vet Technician

Megan graduated from Seneca College in 2016 and became registered later that same year. She chose to enter this field because her love of animals is deep rooted. She has always had pets that were loved and treated like family. Her pets’ health was always a priority and she wanted to continue this passion into her work.

Her favorite parts of the job are the puppies and kittens (of course), but she also enjoys being a part of the surgical team!  She finds it fascinating when she gets to see what a pet has eaten…that they shouldn't have! Megan is happy to work at a clinic that has a great atmosphere amongst the staff. She feels like she is part of a big family who are super passionate about taking care of animals.

Fun fact about Megan: She has an outstanding memory! Anyone at the clinic can ask her a question or name of a pet or client, and chances are, she will know the answer!