Welcome to Georgetown Animal Clinic, your local veterinarians in Georgetown.

Generations of furry family members have walked through our doors since we first opened in 1972. Since then, they have always received the same personal attention and one-on-one care our clinic is known for. 

After several years of practicing at the clinic, in February 2012, Doctors Evan Freeman and Kara Gray were thrilled to become the owners of the clinic after both practicing here for several years. Together with Dr’s. Jessica Trites, Amanda Frank,  Ali Sklepowicz, and a team of 11 staff, our clinic has grown to provide surgical and medical services to thousands of family pets in Georgetown and surrounding areas. 

Every member of our team works to make sure all of our patients feel truly loved when they are away from home. It is important to us that in addition to veterinary care, they also receive personal loving care and attention. 

Our clinic was built between 1971 and 1972 by the original owners, Drs. Bucknell and MacEwen. If you have been a client since those days, you may notice that some things have changed – like the reception desk and the new sign on the building – but you will also find that many things have stayed the same – like our big green fence and beautiful multicoloured floors! 

Come have a look behind the scenes and find out the what, where and how we help keep your pet happy and healthy as well as treat them when they need us the most.