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We understand that bringing your pet in for a surgical procedure can be very stressful to not only for your pet but also for you as the owner bringing your pet in for a surgical procedure, regardless of how minor the procedure is. Our compassionate team is here to help ease the stress and we ensure that your pet is in good hands with our skilled team of Veterinarians and Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVTs).

All pets will get a full physical exam prior to surgery to ensure your pet is in good health. We also offer pre-anesthetic blood testing for your pet, which will help evaluate organ function determine whether they are able to handle the medications associated with a surgical procedure. During every procedure, we provide continuous monitoring using specialized devices. In addition, our Registered Veterinary Technicians, who manually monitor the patient throughout the procedure. Pain management is provided throughout all stages of the surgical procedure (pre, peri (during), and post-surgery). We ensure your pet will be both well monitored and comfortable while in our care. Post-op, we will discuss with you instructions for home care including pain management, estrictions on physical activity, signs of complications and other do’s and don’ts.

We are dedicated to providing the best care possible for your pet. Our Veterinarians and Registered Veterinary Technicians continue to further their knowledge through continuing education courses that enable them to stay current on the newest methods and treatments.

At Georgetown Animal Clinic we perform a wide variety of surgical procedures that include, but are not limited to:

  • Spay & Neuter procedures
  • Ophthalmic procedures: Eyelid mass removals, replacement of prolapsed third eyelid glands also known as cherry eye corrections, enucleation, entropion corrections, and more
  • Soft tissue procedures: Lump removals, wound repairs, splenectomies
  • Gastrointestinal surgeries: foreign body removals, stomach tacking
  • Urinary surgeries: cystotomy’s (removal of bladder stones), urethrostomy’s, unblocking
  • Orthopedic procedures: Amputations, fixing broken bones, reparing torn ligaments; we have a board-certified surgeon (Dr. Kim Murphy or Dr. Seanna Swayne) who performs the more complicated procedures.

There are some surgeries that in order for us to provide the best care for your pet, we will refer to a specialist, or in some cases we have a specialist come to the clinic to perform the surgical procedure.