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Preventative Care

Yearly wellness exams are how we help keep your pet healthy and happy. 

Dogs and cats age much quicker than people, therefore, significant changes in your pet’s health can happen in a short period of time. At your pet’s appointment, we are able to provide a unique assessment and a wellness plan designed specifically for your pet; plans which include comprehensive physical exams, individualized vaccination programs, specialized blood tests for different life stages, and parasite treatment and prevention. 

These yearly wellness exams also provide us the opportunity to get to know you and your pet better, thus allowing us to better provide both treatment and prevention protocols, as well as developing establishing to compare if your pet becomes ill. 

Our recommendation is that healthy adult cats and dogs visit the clinic once per year. Puppies, kittens, senior pets and pets with health issues should visit the clinic more frequently.

Physical Exam 
An annual physical exam is as important for your pet as it is for you. A thorough physical exam can uncover potential problems in their infancy, before they become a serious issue. This helps to improve both management and outcomes. Your pet’s annual visit is also a good opportunity to seek advice on such matters as diet, exercise, weight management and grooming. 

Vaccinations help to provide immunity and protection against serious, life-threatening, contagious canine and feline diseases. Puppies and kittens require a series of 3 inoculations at 8, 12 and 16 weeks of age. 
Timing of these inoculations is VERY important and is done at a critical time when a young pet is especially susceptible to infectious disease.  Please make sure to have your puppy or kitten examined and vaccinated appropriately.  Adult dogs and adult cats are assessed based on their lifestyle and individual risk factors.   

Our veterinarians will customize a vaccination protocol to suit your pet’s individual needs.