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Weight Management for Pets

Help your pet maintain a healthy weight with our weight management program.

Pets with excess weight have a higher risk of developing more health conditions, which can shorten their lifespan and reduce their quality of life. Weight management is more than a weight loss plan. It involves changing your pet's lifestyle to support more exercise and safer indulgence in food. By improving your pet's relationship with food, we'll improve their overall health.

What risks does obesity create for my pet?

When a pet is obese, there's a higher possibility that they will develop several health conditions like difficulty breathing, decreased mobility, and a lower quality of life. Excess weight puts pressure on their joints and is one of the most common causes of arthritis in pets. Other health conditions your pet may be susceptible to include:

  • Periodontal disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Digestive issues

What is weight management?

Weight management considers your pet's genetics, metrics (including weight and body composition), health status, and lifestyle to tailor an individual plan specific to their health needs. This often includes adjustments to their portion sizes, revising their feeding schedule, lessening their caloric intake, reducing treats, and fostering behaviours that promote weight loss (e.g. exercise). The goal is to ensure your pet is healthy while losing weight safely and steadily. Throughout the process, we will conduct regular check-ins to assess the effectiveness of the plans and make any necessary adjustments. Even after your pet has reached their weight loss goals, it's important to maintain the healthy habits they've created to ensure they don't revert to their previous weight.

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