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Senior Care for Pets

Bi-annual health check-ups are essential for aging pets. Contact us for more info.

Senior pets will need special care as they age. Your pet will not be as mobile as they used to be and may develop more health conditions. Adjusting how you care for them will better support their overall health and quality of life. To learn more about caring for your senior pet, please contact us at 905-877-2258.

What changes are likely to happen as my pet ages?

Caring for a senior pet is different from other life stages, though the love and dedication at the core remain the same. You may notice more grays in your dog's coat or a slight odour from your cat (if they cannot keep up with adequately grooming themselves). Your pet could also need fewer calories to support their reduction in mobility or exercise. Some health conditions your pet may be diagnosed with include:

  • Obesity
  • Periodontal disease
  • Hormonal disorder
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Kidney disease

What is a senior wellness program?

A senior wellness program is tailored specifically to your senior pet's needs. It ensures they have the highest possible quality of life and that the impacts of aging are monitored and adequately managed. Depending on your pet's breed, overall health, and lifestyle, you could notice them aging slower or quicker. Since some chronic illnesses worsen incrementally over time, it can be difficult to notice symptoms in earlier stages. Regular wellness testing, which is a part of the senior wellness program, can detect any changes in your pet early on. Early diagnosis can significantly increase our team's ability to treat your pet effectively.

How often should my pet have their senior checkup?

We recommend seeing senior pets at least twice a year, sometimes more frequently, depending on their health status.  Senior care programs usually include a thorough physical examination and diagnostic testing, which can include bloodwork, X-rays, and ultrasounds. Metrics like your pet's weight are also recorded. Booster vaccines and preventives may also be administered.

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