Dr. Amanda Frank


Dr. Amanda Frank
Dr. Amanda Frank Veterinarian

Amanda graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2007 and has since focused her career on regular clinical practice, with a special interest in surgery, as well as shelter medicine. Amanda has always had an overwhelming love for all animals, and this is what guided her choice of career.

On top of working at the Georgetown Animal Clinic, Amanda has also worked at the Toronto Humane Society, and is currently also working at the Hamilton Burlington SPCA.

Amanda lives in Georgetown with her husband, Dr. Evan Freeman, and their two children, as well as their three cats Robbie, Paul, and Cindy.

In her spare time Amanda is a yoga fanatic and intends on getting her yoga teacher’s training license to get into teaching once she has retired from veterinary medicine. She is also an avid guitar player, runner, and photographer.

A fun fact about Amanda is that for 4 years during her undergraduate schooling she was a rickshaw runner in downtown Toronto during the summer months.